How is water pumped into the boiler?

You are examining the issue of how to press water into the boiler. How to press water to the combi, how many bars of water..! In order to learn all these, you must first know which is the filling tap of the boiler.

If you do not know this, if you accidentally open the 3 bar safety valve, it will release pressurized water. It is highly possible that you have broken the safety valve. Or if you accidentally open the drain tap, water will flow onto the floor.

In order not to do this, we definitely need to know which is the filling spout. But…! We should also know that the filling tap differs according to the combi models. There is no rule that all of them will have faucets.

First of all, let’s get to know the faucet models..!

Direct right and left rotating faucet. ( The simplest type of faucet )
The pull-out faucet is the type of faucet currently used in many models.
Gray faucet It is generally found in Vaillant combi boilers (Opens to the left, fills the water, closes to the right) In the butterfly faucet, it can be the opposite.
Ariston genus magnet pipe is magnetic, and water filling is done by placing it in the slot.
Demirdöküm Filling Tap Turns Right and Left Only.
Vaillant Black color faucet Butterfly faucet (“In this Model faucet, water fills to the right, turns it to the left and it closes”)
Lever valve is found in old model Baymak combi boilers. There are 2 side-by-side handles.
You can see this model in the picture below..! Thanks to the magnet counterpart of a spring-piston apparatus in the faucet (Magnet pipe), when it comes across, the magnet pulls the spring-loaded piston and the combi starts to take water. Note: The apparatus opposite is separate.